Soar High Stellar Silver Ring

$ 129.95

Rich luxurious silver flourishes surrounding the crest of this premium splendid ring. Sculptured after Aetos Dios, the golden giant eagle which served as the personal emissary of Zeus, the Greek god of the sky and king of the gods, this lavish jewelry is crafted from the finest sumptuous silver with supreme artistry relative to eagles' ingenious vitality.

  • Measures 27mm in surface width
  • Meticulously cleaned and polished
  • Tremendously well made iridescent silver and gold tone embellishments
The cosmic eagle is a symbol of the noblest purposes of the spirit and the stellar emblem of the deity. Unleash the royal trait of an eagle that's already in you with this LIMITED EDITION ring, not available in stores. All of our silver rings are crafted to a standard of integrity and quality. Thai silver is extremely scintillating and it conquers the highest percent of the world's jewelry market because of its grandiose beauty.

Fly your style and soar fashion high amidst an overflowing mix of brilliance, this exclusive jewel distinctly brings brightness to any look.